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Everyone is facing incredible pressures in this wide business downturn. So many obstacles to overcome. Read the cash flow problems they're having...push the go button
What cash flow problems are you having? How are you paying your vendor bills? Are vendors giving you better terms? Are they hounding you? Tell us...push the go button
Vendors need business just as badly as you do. They can understand that you have no resources to pay old invoices... push the go button
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You've got to get to work and develop the materials that portray a new game plan for the vendors. This spreadsheet includes a summary linked to the detail. You do the detail ... push the go button
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Follow-up conversations with a confirmatory email after you speak to your first vendors. Something that states more formally what you just discussed on the phone. It's a good email. Use it pretty much as is - it ... push the go button
When you're ready to speak to the first vendors - think through what you're up to. Know what you're talking about - so just winging it on the phone is fine as along as you're expert. Otherwise take some time and know what you need to know ... push the go button
here's what the vendors are thinking about. And you have to as well. Any plan that doesn't make sense vis-a-vis these three factors. You're kaput. Include them robustly and you've got a winner ... push the go button
Here's the general theme - make priorities, make a plan, get the vendors at bay, negotiate acceptable terms with them quickly ... push the go button
6 Steps to Follow. Free. } A complete process everyone follows.
Restructuring Payables is not gloom nor doom. You got a plan you're putting together and you need vendor support. Why should they be immune from the slow down in business? They're not. And they know it ... push the go button
7 Debt Restructuring Rules. Free. } What's in THE PLAN!
The process of restructuring your accounts payable is pretty straight forward. But there is a lot to do to get it done. There's 7 key steps you need to consider whether you're a rookie at this or an old time expert ... push the go button
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